What does P&O@work do?

P&O@Work is your partner for matters regarding personnel and organisation.

Having employees is a great thing. It allows your business to grow and for work to be performed well. That is, as long as everything is going well and the right people are being put to work in the right places. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, which can result in tension within the company. Tension that you do not have time for.
It often helps to have a different set of eyes have a look at things and engage in discussion with the parties involved. Whether it regards how (all) your employees perform, the arrangement of your organisation, sick leave, or dismissal in the Netherlands or abroad, you can count on P&O@Work!

I make sure that the appropriate solutions are reached for ongoing matters and if requested, can take on the entire process myself. Through clear and powerful communication in conjunction with carefully crafted yet practical and suitable solutions and recommendations, your issue will quickly become a thing of the past.
By keeping the human component in mind, your objectives can be attained to satisfaction of all parties involved.

Sick Leave

Has one of your employees been ill for a long time? Or are you plagued by long-term sick leave? I can help you find the right solution. That can mean taking an absenteeism approach with the perpetually ill employee. The discussions, the instruction of the supervisor, and monitoring compliance with the Dutch Gatekeeping Improvement Act—I take that all off your hands. Even looking into the reason for the frequent absences and recommend a solution for decreasing them. I always look at what your situation needs. Your business, employees, and expectations are unique, so your solution is too.


It can be truly enlightening to have an independent professional take a look at the organisation of your company and your staff. Not just when things are less than perfect, but also when they are going great, since it makes sense to keep a critical eye on your business. Are your employees being implemented the right way? A change in the organisation can be a boost for the entire business. I help you see where your missed opportunities are and show you how to benefit from them as best you can. Is it not going as well as it used to and cutbacks mean you have to re-organise? I would be happy to help with that as well to ensure that conversations with the employees run smoothly and that everyone can look back on the collaboration and conclusion with a good attitude. Every form of re-organisation has an effect on the employees and the company. I make sure that the positive effects are felt more strongly than the potential negative ones and that your corporate image stays intact. Of course, all this is upheld by years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.


When employees are not working the way they should be, it can be quite frustrating. Not just for you, but for the rest of the team as well. A negative atmosphere is quickly established and difficult to shake. By speaking to the employee and examining the cause of the change, a solution can be found. As an employer, it is difficult to have these conversations with an open mind. That is no problem for me as I have no daily interactions within the company. By letting me have these conversations, I can find a solution that achieves your goal, but also leaves the employee feeling that they have been heard.


This is just another element of business. There are many reasons why dismissal is necessary, but the goal is always the same. To do it as humanely as possible, without any hard feelings. By letting an external party like me have these conversations, the atmosphere stays open and more is often possible during the negotiations. Give me the freedom to do what I am good at and I will make sure that an end comes to the collaboration without any ill will. And you do not have to be any more involved than you choose to be.

How do I work?

It begins with a meeting where I explain what is happening and what you need. By using your needs, I create a plan and a global estimate of the costs that are associated with executing the plan.
Whether it is just for advisement or for the entire trajectory, I look at the issue with an analytical eye and I keep the people involved in mind.  All this combined with a no-nonsense approach, determination, and precision ensure that I can quickly and expertly find a solution to your issue and implement it.
No company, person, or problem is the same. This is why all collaborations unique efforts.
Would you like to know what I can mean for you business or discuss your options? Please contact me. I can help you, even if it involves locations abroad. In particular, I have experience as well as a network in South Africa that I can use for legal support, among other things.


Customers of P&O@Work include:

Who am I?

I am Kirsten Felius, a Westland entrepreneur through and through, who has a great deal of experience in P&). Since 2010, I have been putting my knowledge and experience to use via my own business, P&O@Work. I have previously worked as the Head of P&O at Grow Group and as the Staff Manager at Pothos Plant. I combine my experience with strong analytical skills, an understanding of people, precision, and discretion. I consider honesty and sincerity to be important. With me, what you see is what you get. It is all clear cut.

Clients describe out collaboration as an incredibly effective way to work, where all parties involved can still look each other in the eye after a procedure has been completed, and issues are solved with expertise according to current laws and regulations.

Experience has shown me that I can be of use in all types of businesses. Whether it is a family business with a small team or a company with 50 employees and a foreign location. I look forward to helping you by quickly and expertly solving personal and organisational issues.  Maintaining your corporate image and attaining your objectives come first and foremost for me.

Do you have a question or would you like to get acquainted? Please contact me and I will visit you at your earliest convenience.

Kleine Achterweg 6a

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